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About Us...

Makenna Liess
a.k.a. "The Cupcake Girl"


Mark Hemmers

Makenna's late Uncle


A Short History of the "Cupcake Girl", "Cupcakes for Mark", and "Cupcakes for Cancer"


Everybody loves cupcakes! But the "Cupcakes for Cancer" have double the love, as they are baked not only to satify your sweet tooth, but to support cancer treatment and research, too!


Cupcakes for Mark is the brainchild of Makenna Liess, AKA "The Cupcake Girl". Makenna was only 5 years old when her uncle, Mark Hemmers, died after being diagnosed with a rare medullary cancer of the thyroid. Once diagnosed, Mark took part in a clinical trial at the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation, (formally Premiere Oncology). That trial gave Mark two more years of life that he would not have had otherwise!


Makenna wanted others to have the same opportunity as Mark had, and so "Cupcakes for Mark" was born. 


Proceeds from "Cupcakes for Cancer" go to the Jonsson Cancer Foundation (JCCF- TAX id: 95-2242757) - a charitable non-profit foundation dedicated to treating cancer patients through clinical trials. Patients are given comprehensive and holistic care with special attention to such issues as survivorship, quality of life and longevity. 


The "Cupcakes for Cancer" tradition is now in its 11th year with over $60,000 having been given to the Foundation! 


To learn more about us, send us a message, or to donate to this incredibly worthy cause, please don't hesitate to contact us today! 

Love Letters...

Dear Makenna,


Thank you for all you are doing to raise money for cancer research.



John & Joan



I am so proud of you for raising so much money for the cancer center. Your Uncle Mark would be so proud.




Dear Makenna,


This is a wonderful thing you are doing in your uncle's memory.


Stan & Irene



Thank you for your passion.



Makenna and Family,


Blessings to you as you continue with this worthy and meaningful activity.



Dear Cupcake Girl,


God Bless you for your thoughtfulness in remembering your Uncle Mark!



Lydia & Steve

Dear Makenna,


Congratulations on your wonderful memorial project.



Nancy & Bill


Dear Makenna,


Congratulations on your 6th year of making cupcakes for cancer, I bet you're getting really good at baking by now! Thanks for doing this!!




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